Why do you need to join ASEI?

Belonging to ASEI is being part of an innovative trade association.  We seek to generate relevant value units for partners in order to enable decision making. ASEI is a guild committed to the sector and the country, in that sense, we seek to improve the processes that hinder the real estate business as well as raise industry standards for the benefit of customers.

How can you join ASEI?

  • You must be a real estate developer.

  • You must send a membership application and an Excel document with your real estate supply (these forms are given by ASEI); power of attorney; Tax information form; legal representative ID.

  • ASEI´s law firm will carry out an investigation in order to generate a report for the applicant´s company (5 days). This report will be sent to the admissions committee for approval/denial (15 days). Such a commission could summon the legal representative for an interview.

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